Meet the Maker


Hi, I'm Ashley (She/Her)! I am the maker behind Shamblirino Earrings. Shamblirino is a nickname that ended up following me long after high school. I have always loved creating. Growing up I moved around a lot and used creating as a way to manage my anxiety and to feel connection to myself and to my surroundings. It wasn't always Polymer clay though, I was often creating things using any materials I could find around the house. I actually didnt really start working with Polymer Clay until 2018 when I began experimenting with mediums to participate in the awesome Free Art Friday movement in ATL #fafatl.

I have always had a passion for art and for finding and creating unique jewelry for myself and my friends. Following some major changes in my life, and after years of experimenting, understanding and navigating my style, I have decided to share what I love with the world. I hope you love your pieces just as much as I loved creating them!